Monday, 5 October 2009

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Looking for a dream from you

I would like to have a dream from others. and try to dream the same story, I will make a drawing about your dream.

My Dreams

Dear all, 

there are some  dreams from the past 4 years of mine. I have drawings about those dreams. I hope you can read it and try to dream the same things happened from my dreams. If you had a dream similar  please write it down and make a drawing or photo about your dream. Hope to hear you soon.


Zhifei Yang

Dream 1:

There are some problems with the water pipes in the backyard. My mother, brother and I dig it and all the pipes are showing. At this moment a flagstone appears. My mother was very excited for that. She lets us open it carefully and keep quiet. It seems like there is a big secret or treasure inside. We found three sculptures with human form when we open the flagstone. The sculptures are thin and dry with the act of digging earth. My mother said when the project of building water pipes was completed pouring cement to the people who are working to get sculptures of human form. It was a custom at that time. Workers were buried alive! I was shocked and feel so bad. But my mother said the sculptures are treasures. Later we were detected by doing secretive. All neighbors came to see what had happened here.   

Dream 2:

There is a spot on my hand, it looks like a mungbean, next to the forefinger. Actually it hungs my hand, almost falling and it is painful. My friend told me her friend has a same spot as mine, there is a baby inside.

Dream 3:

Three people in a small room, the wall paper is very clean and white. Everybody has an apple on their hand.

Dream 4:

There is a big empty room with few furnitures. It is a bright room which has big window,typical europan style. I am going to have a surgery for my finger there. A big dog comes to this room. It has long black curly hair and looks friendly. I lay on dog's back waitting the doctor to come to do the surgery. He starts to cut my middle finger of my left hand with a surgery knief. Blood came out from my finger and flowed to floor.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Try to dream my dreams

"Every night, all over the world,sleepers are dreaming variations of the same twelve dreams.The details differ, of course, but the same themes recur in every culture, as they have throughout recorded history."

The Universal Dream Key The 12 Most Common Dream Themes Around the World - By Patricia Garfield

I would like to dream a same dream as yours. Do you want to have one from me?

I will give some dreams which I have dreamed in the past few years. Read my dreams and try to dream the same content. If you dreamed something same of them, Using writing, drawing, photo, video or performance to display this dream.